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Albert "Guss" Armstead is known throughout the nation for his organized developmental basketball programs. As mentioned in Chris Ballard's Hoop Nation, Armstead customizes his workout programs for future NBA players, current NBA players, college and high school basketball players. Armstead has gained invaluable knowledge as a basketball coach, Executive Director of the Sacramento Summer Pro League, Director of Player Relations and Development for Saga Sports, and Co-founder of 2 the Hoop, Inc.

Guss Armstead has the professional experience to instruct you and help raise your game to a higher level. Let 2 the Hoop Basketball Services help you improve your offensive and defensive skills with the hopes of allowing you to reach your fullest potential as a basketball player.

With players hailing from places as diverse as China and Africa, Guss has worked with individuals from around the globe.


His court is always in session
A local basketball guru is providing a big assist to everyone from the preps to the professionals.

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By Jason Jones --
Bee Staff Writer Published
2:15 a.m. PDT Thursday,
July 3, 2003

Rafer Goes One-On-One With Some NBA Stars -- watch video

Marty Mac's World: Free hoops clinic draws 200....Approximately 200 children attended a free basketball clinic Saturday morning at Sacramento High School put on by an assortment of area professionals. It was hard to say who had more fun.

The clinic was a concept of local basketball maven Guss Armstead, and he received a lot of help from those who also wanted to give back to the community....Basketball instruction was just a portion of what was provided to the article

Marty Mac's World: He's just what these basketball players need...

The Sacramento Professional Developmental League is many things to many people.

Around these parts, it's a summer showcase for the area's best players to play in a controlled setting and be pushed by legitimate competition. It's a proving ground and educational platform for the young and up-and-coming.

And to quite a few players, it's often the nightcap of a day-night doubleheader. You can find quite a few of the same hoopers who play in the evenings at Capital Christian High School in the league playing at Basketball Town under the direction of skills coach Guss Armstead.

Armstead, who also doubles as a pseudo-drill sergeant, has full-court games going alongside each other that last five minutes or the first team to seven.

The winning team on the main court stays and is challenged by the winner from the other court. Armstead is the coach for both squads, calling out play sets and calling fouls that are not acknowledged on the floor.

The games are competitive and often feature players who are earning money playing professionally somewhere. Or it could be DeMarcus Nelson, who will go back to Duke this fall but is not permitted to play in the Developmental League because he already has played at his school.

Playing in the league are Ryan Anderson, formerly of Oak Ridge, who will begin playing for Cal in the fall; former Kennedy High star Zack Graves, who is heading to Montana; and Kevin Galloway, who is headed to USC from Sacramento High.

After the games, players run the dreaded 17s, sprinting across the court 17 times in less than a minute. It's pretty much the last thing you want to do after playing, but anybody who is getting up to play ball at 9 a.m. daily is fairly serious about honing the craft.

At Basketball Town, NBA players such as Mike Wilks, Troy Hudson and Bobby Jackson can hone their games. The place to be for hoop dreams in a highly structured environment, Basketball Town helps players find their potential pro games. Basketball Town is the state-of-the-art facility that caters to everything involving hoops. The primary attraction to Basketball Town is renowned basketball skills trainer Guss Armstead. read entire article




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